Special semi-trailers

Special semi-trailers

Online inquiry Adding platforms between axle modules can help achieve technical, size or other requirements for carrying various cargo.

We are equipped with many types of semi-trailer for carrying heavy and oversized cargo. These ensure reliable transport of all oversized cargo.

Modular systems

Semi-trailers of this type represent the top category of trailer for carrying heavy and oversized cargo, often exceeding 100 tons. Adding or removing separate modules with various axle numbers enables us to create a semi-trailer of the required capacity tailor-fitted to the specific cargo.

By affixing insert beds between the axles:

  • Excavator deck
  • Turntable
  • Vessel decks
  • Flat deep loader

- further modifications can be made for carrying specific cargo, such as especially long, tall or irregularly shaped cargo.

The system of hydraulic trailer levelling ensures the equal distribution of weight on each axle, even on rough terrain. In addition, stable cargo carriage is assured, e.g. with an offset or high centre of mass. In addition, axles can be adjusted to correct for radial turning using remote control.

We are able to set up a combination of a 30 axle Goldhofer THP/ET and a 29 axle Scheuerle Eurocombi/Flatcombi. By creating an appropriate combination, we can achieve a technical load capacity of up to 660 tons (Goldhofer). Adding further platforms between the axle modules can help achieve technical, size or other requirements for carrying various cargo.

  • Vessel/excavator decks 7-25 metreslong with capacity of 100 tons.
  • Flat deep-loading recess with loading height from250 mm, length 7 –17 metresand load      capacity up to 100 tons.
  • Set of turntables for heavy long cargo with 200 ton capacity.
  • Load capacity of combinations created depends on cargo parameters.

The advantage of the modular system is also the ability to use special systems focused on specific types of cargo:

  • Semi-trailers for carrying wind turbine components
  • Sets with Lift adapters are specially used for carrying wind      turbine tubes and engines.

Semi-trailers for carrying wheeled vehicles

Our special semi-trailers for carrying wheeled vehicles mean we can guarantee the simple and reliable carriage of trams, carriages, cranes and other machines which move on wheels.
The advantage of this trailer is the ability to load and position the vehicle fast directly on the hydraulic winching equipment track without the need to use a crane.

Pole trailers

Pole trailers are used for transporting extremely long cargo, such as girders, bridges etc.

Need to transport cargo using a specially adjusted semi-trailer? Contact us, we will help you come up with the best carriage solution.


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