Overview of our equipment

Overview of our equipment

Check out the equipment we use for our services. You will find modern machinery of various kinds and types for various activities in our extensive vehicle fleet.

For earthworks, we use tracked and wheeled excavators from the smallest at 1.43 t to a machine 76.2t heavy with scoop volume of4.75 m3. We also have bulldozers, tracked and wheeled trucks of all kinds and rotary tillers. For transporting soil, we have dumpers and tipper trucks available for you. For maximum precision, our machines use laser levelling and GPS navigation.

We use demolition machinery in our demolition work which is designed for work in difficult operations. Much greater demands on durability and wear and tear are made of demolition machinery than other construction machines. To achieve maximum lifetime for each part of our demolition machines, we use our own service centre.

We have an extensive fleet of truck-mounted cranes with capacities of up to 600t. All our cranes are in excellent technical condition and undergo regular technical checks. We also renew our vehicle fleet, so you can always be assured that your job will be performed using the latest equipment.

We have many vehicle types available for transport and carriage. Our cargo transport will help you move soil, rubble, gravel, asphalt, sand and other materials. Oversize transport is available to you for carrying equipment, large tanks, structures etc. We have a number of types of flatbed trucks available to you for these purposes, meaning we can always carry your cargo easily and safely.

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