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2018 Transport of 4 boilers

We have transported four boilers with a weight of 109 tons to ČEZ - Trmice heating plant.

Type of semi-trailer used: STZ THP 4+6

We carry many types of heavy and oversized cargo. Interested in oversized cargo carriage?

 Contact us.

Take a look at photos of the carriage of the oversized cargo:

reportage:  TV PRIMA

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2018 D1 - The new hall

Complete earthworks for construction of a new hall in the logistics park D1 - Ostředek

Location: Ostředek

We undertake complex earthworks for construction sites, from minor earthworks to complex earthworks and extensive landscaping for the construction of logistics warehouses, industrial zones, projects by developers. We are equipped with more than 400 quality construction machines. 


Interested in our earthworks? Contact us.

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2018 New production and storage hall Ostrov u Stříbra

Complete earthworks for construction of new production and storage hall in logistic park Ostrov u Stříbra.

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2018 2nd phase of D1 motorway modernization

Within the 2nd phase of  D1 motorway modernization and extension  we provide earthworks, soil stabilization, including the laying down of drainages, gutters, sewerage and preparation of the gravel layer.

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2018 ZF Electronics Klášterec s.r.o

Earthworks for the construction of a new hall ZF Electronics Klášterec s.r.o. We provide excavation of the pit, transport and deposit of material  in the  total volume of earthworks  about 50,000 m3.

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2018 Transportation of excavators

Transportation of excavators.

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2018 Earthworks for new premises of EvoBus in Holýšov

Earthworks  for new premises construction of EvoBus in Holýšov, including the topsoil removal, excavation and  deposit of material  in the total volume of earthworks  about 250 000 m3

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2018 Transport of trams 18T type from Plzen Škoda Transportation to Turkey

Transport of trams 18T type from Plzen Škoda Transportation a.s. to Turkey.

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2018 Construction of an office complex in Prague's Plzeňská street, near Anděl

Execution of  earthworks , deep construction of a building pit for the construction of an office complex in Prague, on  Plzeňská street near Anděl. The volume of earthworks is approx. 30,000 m3, including backfilling, shaping of the surrounding terrain towards  the tunnel, including the realisation of concrete blinding layer.

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