Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo

Online inquiry We can undertake even the most demanding over-limit transport.

We are a traditional supplier of services related to the transport of heavy and oversized cargo. We have more than 40 transporters of various types which allow you to transport bodies exceeding the dimensions or weight available to you using standard lorry transport.

Limits in transporting oversized cargo are not created by our equipment, but rather how passable the route is in accordance with the law. When carrying oversized cargo, we will take care of all necessary permits, we will dispatch our own accompanying vehicle and we will provide you with all other necessary services.

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We will carry heavy and oversized cargo of many types for you:

  • carriage      of wheeled vehicles
  • carriage      of tracked vehicles
  • carriage      of large vessels
  • carriage      of steel structures
  • carriage      of machine parts
  • convoys      for wind turbines etc.


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