Cargo transport + service assurance

Cargo transport + service assurance

Online inquiryWe can transport building materials. We operate equipment for cleaning roads around the site, mobile workshops and tanks for mobile refuelling.

Cargo transport is an essential additional service when undertaking earthworks and demolition. If you order cargo transport from us, you can rid yourself of worries over the removal of rubble, earth and other waste materials. In addition, you get cargo transport for materials needed at the construction site and earth works. We can bring gravel, asphalt, sand and other materials you need when you need it. All this using high quality vehicles and in perfect harmony with related work. Contact us now.

Cargo transport service assurance

In order that all work on your site can take place without unnecessary delays, we ensure complete service assurance.

  • Construction      service assurance;
  • road      cleaning;
  • mechanism      repairs;
  • mobile      fuel refilling.


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