Ancillary equipment

Ancillary equipment

Online inquiry We use accompanying vehicles, mobile workshops, tyre services and an extensive range of equipment at company headquarters to ensure the safe and hassle-free realisation of your job.

In order to provide our national and international customers with a complete service in transporting oversized cargo, we use modern Mercedes Benz accompanying vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with radio equipment for communicating with the transport vehicles and other accompanying vehicles, so we always know where your cargo is currently located. We undertake all transportation including the carriage of oversized cargo using our own vehicles and semi-trailers.

We use our own service facilities

If an unexpected fault occurs during transport, our mobile workshop is always ready and is equipped with enough technology for even repair work of a larger extent. Petr Březina – APB Pilsen also has its own technical equipment – workshops, vehicle washes and tyre service. For you, this represents a guarantee that all our services and work will be carried out to your maximum satisfaction.

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