Soil stabilisation

Soil stabilisation

Online inquiry We undertake soil stabilisation with lime, cement and other binders.

On the basis of your requirements for your construction, we will undertake soil stabilisation by your chosen method. We implement soil stabilisation with lime, cement or other binders. If you’re looking for a soil stabilisation supplier with a wide range of reliable technological equipment, don’t hesitate and tell us your requirements. We have the necessary dosing gear, rotary tillers, graders, vibrating rollers of weight up to 19.8 tons and other necessary equipment. You are thus guaranteed a well-carried out soil stabilisation on which you can rely.

We undertake especially:

  • Soil      stabilisation with lime – using and improving the properties of clay soil      in particular.
  • Soil      stabilisation with cement – using and improving the properties of soils      with some sand particle content in particular.
  • Soil      stabilisation with other binders (dorosol, doroport, slag, fly ash) – using      and improving sandy clay soils in particular.

Don’t compromise and put your soil stabilisation in the hands of the expertsContact APB – Pilsen for detailed information and a quote free of charge.

Benefits for you

The advantage of using APB – Pilsen is not just our wide experience in earthworks, which you can easily see from our references, but especially our extensive range of equipment, which allows us to realise all kinds of jobs. So it doesn’t depend on whether you need soil stabilisation for the construction of a small building or a large hall or commercial units. We will always do our utmost to fulfil your requirements. Contact us and ask for a quote on soil stabilisation.


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