Demolition of bridges

Demolition of bridges

Online inquiry We demolish bridges with hydraulic hammers and hydraulic shears, or in combination with our own crane equipment.

Order your bridge demolition with an attested demolition work supplier. We have extensive experience of bridge demolition, and we have all the specialised equipment needed for bridge demolition available to us. We undertake bridge demolition either using the traditional method – using hydraulic hammers and hydraulic shears, or in combination with the removal of each bridge girder, undertaken using our own crane equipment.

We will always consult you on the exact demolition process, and undertake it on the basis of mutual agreement. While we share our experience and the possible solutions with you, you will find out all the benefits of the chosen methods.

We carefully sort all materials resultant from the bridge demolition, and we recycle them for further use using our own facilities. We demolish bridges made from iron, reinforced concrete and mixed materials. Rely on a professional company with all the latest equipment which can guarantee you maximum speed and safety while minimising the demolition’s environmental impact. If you need a bridge demolished, contact APB – Pilsen right now.


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