Demag AC 40-1 crane

Demag AC 40-1 crane

Demag AC 35

Demag AC 40-1 crane

If you want crane work done inside a building, assembling and disassembling equipment in a restricted space – order this mobile crane.



Maximum load when discharging 3 m / 40 t
Main boom length: 31,2 m
Fly jib length: 7,1 - 13 m
Maximum boom length: 44,2 m
Total crane length: 8,57 m
Chassis length: 7,09 m
Outrigger base: 6,2 x 6,35 m

Interested in crane work?

If you are interested in handling bulky loads, we can offer you crane work. With this service, we undertake a workplace inspection, propose a method for the work and select the most appropriate type of crane. In addition, we take care of technical permits and insurance. Contact us.




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Published date: May 10, 2012

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