Truck-mounted platforms

Truck-mounted platforms

Need to perform a job at height? Hire our Ruthmann T370 cherry picker with a platform at up to 34.5 metres. This machine allows you to undertake height work at poorly accessible locations, while maintaining a high level of occupational safety. We will loan you our work platform including a reliable operator for a great price. Contact us to get information on hire prices and platform availability.

Easy handling and high stability

The Ruthmann T370 platform is fully mobile, and so can be easily set for any particular place. The telescopic lifting arm ensures reliable stability and the safety of the worker on the platform.


Demag AC 35

Ruthmann T-370 platform

Ruthmann T 370 platform.


Maximum load capacity: 500 kg
Lift height (platform basket): 34,5 m
Maximum lateral reach at 4m height: 9,2 - 17,6 m
Total vehicle length: 12,11 m
Chassis length: 9 m
Machine height: 3,8 m
Outrigger base: 6,5 x 5,3 m

Interested in crane work?

If you are interested in handling bulky loads, we can offer you crane work. With this service, we undertake a workplace inspection, propose a method for the work and select the most appropriate type of crane. In addition, we take care of technical permits and insurance. Contact us.



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